Not A Dry Eye In The House

by Laurie Shaw



"Not A Dry Eye In The House" was recorded in June 2016 (except for Cannibal Girl which was recorded in March) in Laurie Shaw's bedroom.

The album leans on many large themes most notably the self mythology of one's own existence and so like Jason and The Golden Fleece, we learn of the events surrounding Shaw's donning of a denim jacket at 15, his first forced kiss with a girl and his short time spent on the festival circuit.

Sexuality and the relationship between the sexes also breathes within these songs. In Hey I Jumped Out Of A Tree No.3 (No. 3 for it was the third attempt to properly write it), Shaw ponders his own masculine insecurities after the irrational fear of what repercussions may amount from indeed not jumping out of a tree as his girlfriend has dared him to do.

Who is the creator? Who is the muse? Shaw explores this specifically on For The Muses, where every woman who has ever appeared in one of his songs, from "Jenny Lee Lindburg to Veruschka, Cleopatra to Eve" demand compensation for being written about without permission.

The subject of memory also weaves it's way throughout for without which how would these stories be crafted? On the title track, Shaw visits his Grandma in her home for dementia and finds "Skeletons drinking milk, undignified, waiting to die".

The album is itself a battle with the creation of an album. Stylistically, it ventured through many different changes from a wish to (as recounted by a bystander at closing time at B.D.S.M) "re-record the whole thing live with just guitar, piano, drums and bass like Plastic Ono Band" to a decision to "make a widescreen epic album like Lawrence Of Arabia". Despite these twists and turns the album eventually vibrated to a halt and the recordings were complete. It is an exciting mix of reportage, internal musings, unwarranted self-mythology and classic melodies that unveil deep thematic expression.


released September 26, 2016

All songs written, performed and produced by Laurie Shaw.



all rights reserved


Laurie Shaw Kenmare, Ireland

Laurie Shaw is a 22 year old Wirral songwriter and producer. He now dwells in Ireland where he records from his mountain retreat surrounded by several large wild cats. He often gigs in Cork and Dublin once. He has released around 57 albums to date (all of which are available on request). Please support Laurie Shaw (a tender pair of breasts) with your money (a bra) ... more

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