The Great British Night Out

by Laurie Shaw



There's a freak compulsion for creatures like me to birth a piece of work way way different from the last. So here it is you creeps! It's got a forked tongue and silver lips and its spitting glitter like a mother.

WHO ::: Who? What kind of a song name is that?
BRACE YOURSELF ::: You should. Watch the skies, boys! There are some dock off asteroids whizzing around up there..And we're more vulnerable than you think. Those things would shrink us in a blink of an eye.
.22 CALIBER BLUES ::: Calibre if you're a yank. Part 1 of 2. Gotta make something outta nothing down in Tulsa, where the sticky rib hyenas roam the car bonnets.
NECROPOLIS ::: You betcha. Part 2 of 2.
MY THIRD EYE ::: Keep your third eye peeled. And that doesn't mean you have to snort and sniff and suck and puff your way through the underbelly of civilisation. You've got to keep your wits about you these days...See you down vile aisle.
WIZARD ::: Obligatory stomper with a bunch of funny lines. A whistling, whipping, hooting and howling glam pram...And shit, you know what? That kids got 8 fucking legs!!!

STREET MUTANT ::: Side 2 if we're talking wax. I mean, look at us creeps with our teeth in our hands, O freak show you bet. Be a street mutant! Don't let them take you alive! Don't let them convince you to get your canines removed.
TRESPASSERS ::: O Poor Johnny indeed! Whatta guy. Don't let them trample all over your biology. There's a motherfucker calls himself VP up on Capital Hill and he's got eyes like Wendy Wright. He'll drink your blood, man. His little cult doesn't even condemn that shit. Watch your neck
HEARTBREAK SERUM ::: What else do you take when you're shattered in two?
UP THE DOSAGE ::: Up the dosage, boy, it's on the house. Gimmie that freak show juice! <CHRIST> Gimmie a straw!
MOLTEN GIRL ::: Well, now we're back to the start...Some bad belly business. Don't tell your mum // Don't let them put their whale culling hooks in you, girls!!! Molten Girl, Queen of the Mace, we salute you.

All songs written, performed and produced by Laurie Shaw
Recorded in his room


released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Laurie Shaw Kenmare, Ireland

Laurie Shaw is a 22 year old Wirral songwriter and producer. He now dwells in Ireland where he records from his mountain retreat surrounded by several large wild cats. He often gigs in Cork and Dublin once. He has released around 57 albums to date (all of which are available on request). Please support Laurie Shaw (a tender pair of breasts) with your money (a bra) ... more

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