Trespassers EP

by Laurie Shaw



TRESPASSERS is the first single to be taken from the album "The Great British Night Out". This freak-special EP, in addition to the single, also features five songs taken from the Great British Night Out sessions including HELLFIRE (an exploration into the ethics of warfare), LEVIATHAN GIRL, ALRIGHT (a blistering, easy words 'n' squealing guitar psych-garage incident), SOFTIE (a very aptly named fairy lights and acoustic guitar ditty) and ASTEROID GIRL.


released February 25, 2017

All songs written, performed and produced by Laurie Shaw



all rights reserved


Laurie Shaw Kenmare, Ireland

Laurie Shaw is a 22 year old Wirral songwriter and producer. He now dwells in Ireland where he records from his mountain retreat surrounded by several large wild cats. He often gigs in Cork and Dublin once. He has released around 57 albums to date (all of which are available on request). Please support Laurie Shaw (a tender pair of breasts) with your money (a bra) ... more

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Track Name: Trespassers

Johnny Johnny went to church
Johnny Johnny needed help
Johnny Johnny liked kissing other boys
Johnny Johnny tried to hang himself
He used to hang around by his mother’s
Out-of-commission pump
He used to meet secret friends there
And he’d jump jump jump
Into the cars, yeah, until they drove
To a secluded spot
If only mother could see him there
With his shirt and pants off
(Yeah, really doing it like)

By the knocked up signage
That says “trespassers will be shot”
He wiped the snot from his nose
And squeezed his seatbelt off
He put his fingers on Johnny’s cheek
He said “Oh boy we must be freaks”
He got that good old white trickle working
Through his beak beak beak

Johnny Johnny taped up the doors
Johnny Johnny, windows too
He turned up hard on the gas
And sat in the corner with the fumes

He was down in the hardware complex
And they treat him with respect
They want to know
When he’s going to settle down
It’s not right to stay lonely
‘Round this town
They found him lying on the floor
Limp on the laminate
The paramedics got there later on
And they said “We gotta defribulate!!!”
They brought Johnny back to planet Earth
Put him into intensive care
He lay empty with a fixed on stare
His mother kept rocking and weeping
In the hospital chair

Oh Johnny Johnny back on his feet
He went down to the hardware shop
They say “Hey Johnny, good to see you back.
Good to see you back on track”
Track is right he was tied down tight
And the train was coming, bell was ringing
He could see the light

Johnny Johnny did the gas trick again
Johnny Johnny came back again
Yeah, his mother hit the bottle that time
One night she collapsed

Johnny Johnny at the wake
He was feeling that black old knife
Deep deep in his guts that night
This time he did it right...
Track Name: Hellfire

Crawled under the barbed wire
And they lost many men
And the ear-shattering God-bombs
Went spurting dirt over them
Yeah, we build the tools of the Pantheon
For the appointed to wield
And for what, Baby Blue?
For shallow graves in foreign fields

Hellfire hellfire

There’s a girl with shrapnel eyes
And skin like a paracetamol
At first she heard the scream of jets
And then she felt the hell
Her little mouth was caked in dust
And her lips were chapped to bits
She was a little too long in the mantle plume
But she’ll most likely live

Hellfire hellfire
And it feels like...

Leaders spilling all their seed like bolide ejecta
Hellfire missiles without names are shot across the borders
By hypnotised, trophy eyed, camouflaged larva
Orders whistled from the chief they would like to call father
You’re in your prime
You’re so polite
You’re civilised
Untouched by lies
The kids that died, suspended high
From traffic lights
Like stalactites

Smoothly softening the cull
Label them collateral
Until appetites are full
Push the button, pull the wool
They chased our sons and daughters
Into bloody nightclub corners
Massacred at Bataclan
Let’s go harder back at them
Let’s chase their sons and daughters
With heat seeking rocket launchers
They need to know
So let them know
But what does anybody know?
What does anybody know?
What does anybody know?
What does anybody know?
What does anybody know?
Track Name: Leviathan Girl

Wake up ensnared by Leviathan Girl
Yeah, hot hind legged, sun shot Leviathan Girl
Through the thin drapes, make it sore to breath
Those ensorcelling vortices of her eyes
And she had manta ray kisses
And her cheeks were caked
Like there’d been an oil spill
Cooped up in a kitchen chair
She ties up her hair and cracks fat ostrich eggs
On the side of a frying pan
“I’m fine for that, Leviathan Girl,
You know I am”

I gotta get back,
This must be some kind of dream
Leviathan Girl has blue eyes
Like blood before it hits the air
Blood before it hits the air
(I hit the air!!!)
Waving my Wifi Trident high,
Zeus and Hera sit on satellites and spy
I’ve got to give you a call
I really have to try
But Zeus and Hera say “let sleeping dogs lie”

Aw, shit
I gotta get outta here
I gotta get back to my baby
Aw, shit
I’m turning into mist,
I’ve got to get back to my
Blistering baby
Track Name: Alright

Saturday morning,
Turn the heating on..
Scrambled eggs and sauce
Look you over
Now I’m sober
I can feel where you dug your claws

It’s alright
Don’t worry
‘Cause tonight
You’re gonna shine
It’s alright
Don’t sweat it
‘Cause tonight
You’re gonna shine

A million colours
In my eyes
This mind will crumble soon
You are simply
Stunning skimpy
Tip toeing around the rings of the moon

It’s alright
Don’t worry
‘Cause tonight
You’re gonna shine
It’s alright
Don’t sweat it
‘Cause tonight
You’re gonna shine

(Think I’ve had a little too much wine...)
Track Name: Softie

On the night of the fair
When the market’s lit up
Something stirred in the doorway to the laundrette
Your cold necklace pressed
Against your neck
As you ignored an invitation text

Sound eyes
Brimming in the aisles
And you smiled and said
“At least we tried”
No pride in a failed attempt to buy
Just a couple of bottles of wine

Your kiss was loaded
With a grown up perfume
And I knew I was doomed that night
Snow was circling
Like a 7
And I was snowbound, alright...

Sound eyes
Brimming in the aisles
And you smiled and said
“At least we tried”
No pride in a failed attempt to buy
Just a couple of bottles of wine
Track Name: Asteroid Girl

You drip from the molten core
Yeah, you’ve shown me the beyond
Like Cilla Black’s teeth
Bouncing the vision of death
Of the swimming pool wall
Lying on your front,
Kicking your legs
On a bed of eucalyptus leaves
Last night I dreamt about
Masturbating jellyfish girls
I don’t know what corner of my subconscious they live
Or what their diet’s like
Watch me through the gap in the door
And I outpour

I’m like blood clot boy
And his umbilical whip
I see the knives in the floor
And cut you out the sucker fish,
Asteroid Girl

The milk white rain of Womankind’s sky
Comes and erodes the rock & roll
It’s carved like a petroglyph
My soul is light as gold
And it’s been spawned on a petri dish
I should’ve known you were gonna be the one
At the end of my world
From your tiger stripe false nails
To your skull t - shirt
The patroness of cloudburst,
You come in a shower of spears


She had pyramid tears
And a paralyzing stinger
Of a trembling lip
Drip-fed excuses
Through a bamboo tube
Chewing with her mouth open
The sticky pink prelude to doom
In her tangerine flake bedroom
May I go boom
Like a star on the setting
Of a galaxy-light